I carry my camera with me most places I go.  Photos help capture a building’s feeling, but sketching is more permanent in capturing the details that create the emotion and style of the building.

The courthouse in Santa Barbara is a lovely building.  Certainly not true to Spanish work, but a mixture of styles.  This building is overflowing with themes from Rapunzel’s tower to moorish arches.

Double click to enlarge pictures.

Here is the national guard armory.  It is hard to see the lovely details of this building as it is not open to the public and not visible from close up.  It is surprising how much money there was available in the 1920s for this type of project. 

There has not been development in Santa Barbara that has rivaled work completed in 1920s until recently.  This massive building is a masterpiece in its attention to detail and scale.  People generally do not understand the cost and complexity of this type of construction.  This building at 401 chapala street, in Santa Barbara will be given its respect in time.  I was very surprised to hear that people are not very impressed with this building.  It is amazing, and adds to the rich fabric of the city

Santa Barbara is experiencing amazing creativity and growth in the built environment, with one architect to thank.  Jeff Shelton has a background as an artist and has endowed his sense of humor on numerous new buildings around town.  There will be an architecture tour of Santa Barbara in the year 2040 with “Shelton Buildings”. Santa Barbaraians do not realize how lucky they are to have Jeff Shelton in town.  His work is only precedented by the “modernismo” movement in Barcelona at the turn of the 20th century.

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  1. What charming sketches! You certainly captured the essence of the SB courthouse. Your sketches are inspiring.

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